“A stroke of evil genius” – 
Shana Nys Dambrot, LA Weekly


“Oh my god. The ALONE Experience is the greatest, most unique, confusing, awe inspiring, beautiful total loss of self I have ever experienced. I can’t wait to do it again” – Fan Review – Yelp


“this experience brought me to an emotional place that few interactive theatre experiences have.” – Fan Review – Yelp


“The ALONE Experience just ruined all other haunted houses for me forever. Brilliant and fucking terrifying.” – Jeremy Slater, screenwriter


“This was far and away the best: 1) Halloween Experience I’ve had ever and 2) Theatrical Experience I’ve had in a very long time.” – Fan Review – Yelp


“Congratulations ALONE. You win. Ugh!” – BenDavid Grabinski, writer/director


“At times, I felt transported to another plane of existence” – Fan Review – Yelp


“If you are looking for blood and gore, look elsewhere, but if you want to be absorbed into an intellectually and emotionally charged psychological thriller, this is not to be missed.” – Fan Review – Yelp


“The most beautifully constructed haunt in Los Angeles” – Abel Horowitz, LAist


“there were a couple of absolutely stunning moments that simply used the scenery around you to create the sense of fear and wonderment.” – Fan Review – Yelp


“I can’t imagine someone coming out of this and not overall enjoying” – Fan Review – Yelp


“If standard mazes are starting to not do it for you anymore, you really should try Alone. It gives a whole new perspective on what a haunt experience can be.” – Fan Review – Yelp